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"If You Want To Make God Laugh - Tell Him About Your Plans"

This quotation from the great Woody Allen has been lingering in my sub conscious for the last couple of weeks so I decided to get it out and give it an airing. There we were in West London on the eve of our 'jewel in the crown.' Songs were rehearsed , the band was coming to the boil , last minute tweaks on our state of the art lighting rig and screens were being carried out by seemingly scores of technicians running around in every direction, when Simon turns to JT and I with a quiet, pained expression that screamed "this is not going to happen."

After weeks of rehearsals and touring the U.S in preparation for this moment it seemed an incredibly cruel blow ...not only to Simon , the band , the crew, the management , the promoters and, of course, the thousands and thousands of fans that had booked tickets , flights , trains and changed the whole flow of their lives to come to see Duran Duran play for 2 hours...these people I really feel for. After the initial sense of disbelief and searching for reasons , you move onto the next part of the whole process , which is finding a positive way forward . This usually starts with grasping at phrases like 'Ces't La Vie' 'Asi Es La Vida' and that most articulate of expressions 'Shit Happens', but I am sure that this story will end in a positive way, and I know that all the shows are very close to being re-scheduled later in the year.

JT keeps talking about finding a 'siver lining' and I thought it would be watching Man Utd whoop Barcelona...unfortunately not to be , but at least they were beaten by the best , and I now realise that it's actually being able to spend more time with my other half who is very close to bringing another Taylor into the world that is the silver lining I've been searching for ....

Hoping To See You Soon