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Amidst a summer that could easily be described as 'the dog days of a Duran Duran summer', stuck in the doldrums of a London July that has been the worst for nearly 20 years...an enforced vacation in a year that promised so much but delivered far less than expected ...has at least brought a ray of light in the shape of my new son Julian...my first child in 17 years...and plenty of time to enjoy his first breaths of life and daily ongoing journey into the uncertain but fascinating world that we live in. That's been a real 'blessing in disguise'. Not all fun tho' - I heard 'All Night Long' on the radio the other day and that song definitely has a new meaning these days as Julian wakes for his 2 hourly nocturnal feeds! As we walk down the stairs bleary eyed every morning with a look that, until recently, read, "we've been out far far too late again!!!", we look forward to the next few weeks, not with dread, but excitement and anticipation as to what his next minuscule facial expression and first gurgles of sound will bring.

I am, however, looking forward to getting the AYNIN show back on the road. Charlie was sounding really great last time we rehearsed and I'm sure he will be ready, and sounding better than ever, when we reconvene in August. I am also sure that the band will be back with renewed energy and vigour, as sometimes we need to have things taken away from us to really appreciate what we have, how lucky we are to be creatively expressing ourselves every day and to be doing a 'job' that we really love. We are now onto plan B, but I'm damn sure it will be far better than plan A would have ever have been, so please look out for those re-scheduled shows.

Wish me luck on the sleep front!