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A Blog from Katy? I am racking my brain + I'm pretty sure I have never written one for DD.com (I did write them in ye old MySpace days). So what is making me enter the fray? I've just paid a visit to the Duran Duran Universe in Second Life and skeptical me wanted to let you know how amazing it was. Is.

There are four Islands that make up the DD universe: Azizi, Sanhedralite, Khanada and Tlon. Each has its own theme, and each one is terrific. I was shown around the Islands by Chrissy Welinder, our community manager. There is so much to discover, and we should probably let you do that on your own, but here's a brief overview :

First stop, Azizi - This is an urban style Island, sort of like a cosmopolitan city. The Lipstick Tower is on Azizi, which has a very "DD feel" to it. There are many floors to explore, including a dance club with a never ending loop of DD music, and if you're hungry, a sushi bar. Be careful near the electric eel...

Tlon is an entertainment Island. There is an eyeball that 'follows' you ("Being Followed," geddit?) but since I am totally grossed out by eyeballs, I walked quickly away. There is a beautiful Mediterranea Spa and even the Cinema Eye (Now Showing: Duran Duran EPK!) for you to catch the latest showing of something DD-centric.

Sanhedralite is the Nature Island, and it is very serene and beautiful. There are a lot of indigenous sounds, sandy beaches, a winery where you can stomp grapes, and if you look closely, a Leopard (geddit?) in a tree. There is a Boat Club as well as a UFO Club made from, as legend has it, an old spaceship. It is, of course, my favorite Island, since Katy's Kave is on Sanhedralite. Walk in and I dispense wisdom - sort of like a cross between Lucy from Peanuts and those weird Fortune Teller things you see at Carnivals or in the movie "Big." I don't know why I am wearing a headband and sunglasses, but hey, why not!

Lastly there is Khanada, which is a lot of fun. First there is an Arena, which is really cool (the Arena actually has a quarter on each Island). Once in the Arena (geddit?), you can visit each band member's dressing room - and yes, they designed it themselves. I won't give much away as you should definitely see it for yourself, but Nick's Dressing Room has a coffin you can sleep in. Enough said! There is also a secret rehearsal room in the Arena, decked out JUST like the "All You Need is Now" video (and the video plays in there as well). You can pick up an instrument and just jam - even if you've never had a lesson. My kinda place! There is another club on Khanada called the Dancette, where the dancefloor is a big record album that goes round and round. Good thing avatars don't get motion sickness like I do! By far the coolest thing I saw in Khanada was The Wild Boys Windmill, that you can actually ride on (again, good thing avatars don't get motion sick!). And no need to worry about potential drowning incidents. Phew!

As you can see from the below photo, I was much taken by the wheel. I also wanted to make sure everyone (Hi Nick!) saw me in this lovely pink frock, since there is no chance in or out of world I'd ever wear something like that again, no matter how much some one might like (Hi again Nick!). I also heard that next time I'm inworld I may have a little sidekick by my side, making me feel right at home.

It is super easy to check out the DD Universe, just click here and sign up - it is free and today is the grand opening of the DD Universe! It is really a wondrous place to explore, where you can check out all the great DD references, meet other Duran Duran fans and maybe run in to a band member or two. I hope you guys have as much fun running around (and walking in to walls - looks like I'm a spazz inworld too!) the Duran Duran Universe in Second Life as I did!

Katy, June 22nd , 2011