5 Duran Duran Videos That Already Look Like They Were Directed by David Lynch

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On Monday it was announced David Lynch will direct Duran Duran’s live-streaming concert on March 23, which led to a collective, “Wait, what?” across the Internet. Lynch — known for cerebral movies like Blue Velvet and this-makes-no-sense-to-any-rational-human-being movies like Mulholland Drive — may not seem like the go-to point man for an ’80s new wave pop group like Duran Duran. Then again, you may have forgotten just how well orchestrated and bizarre some of Duran Duran’s videos actually are. (Remember, this is a band that got their name from the Jane Fonda movie, Barbarella.) In preparation for whatever Lynch’s version of a Duran Duran concert is going to look like (here’s hoping that it takes a series of 10 clues to interpret), let’s take a refresher course on five Duran Duran videos that already look like they were directed by David Lynch.