S. Le Blog, Day 7

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I am standing in the middle of a dusty, bustling town square by a motely collection of auto-rickshaws, three wheeler scooters, with a roof and generally a lot of faux- chrome adornment, which serve as low cost taxis all over this big country. The sound of diesel, petrol and two stroke engines along with all their accompanying horns and klaxons, which are in necessarily constant use, is almost deafening. It is very noisy and I have to shout just to hear myself think. Y is the focus of attention as she poses with the ease and poise of the professional model that she is, while Luiz Radao crouching oblivious to anything that's not in the viewfinder, takes the photos on a large format camera. And all this is going on in the midst of a ring of grinning, clucking, fascinated onlookers. The crowd which now numbers thirty is growing by the second.

Hey! Anyone wanna be in the movies?
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