S. Le Blog, Day 11

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A whole lotta drivin' goin' on.

(and a temple in the middle)

I've been in this car now for the past three hours. Much as it was a pain to drag my bones out from under the shadow of the Red Fort, it feels good to be on the road again. Last night we spent at the Taj Palace hotel; also in Jodhpur. It's the art deco palace built by the MoJ's father, the previous MoJ that would be. It's an entirely new experience, "a whole different ballgown" you might say - I know Yassy would. It's very regal, not surprising as the MoJ maintains his main home in a wing, separated of course from the rest of the hotel. I mean, even if I wanted to bang on his French windows shouting "eh Babji, fancy a martini in the bar?" I couldn't.

There is a museum attached. It seems to be primarily a place to hang pics and photos of moustachioed gentlemen (many on the portly side) who sport turbans, sashes and swords - very dashing!

Well, we got out if there, I can tell you. And now we're on our way to see the Jain Temple at Ranakpur, which was franky quite beautiful. (Note: the internet being the interactive medium that it is, I would like you to go online and google-up yerself some images of said temple). Or, put another way, I carelessly left my camera on the car.

Now we're on a proper motorway driving down towards Udaipur. Now I did say "proper motorway" and it is, except for the fact that there's cows lying down in in the middle of it every now and then - we just had to negotiate our way through a proper herd of them -and what's even more disconcerting is the not infrequent passage of various motor vehicles, noteably great big diesel trucks full of rubble trailing clouds of dust which come speeding at you head on, your side of the median, the wrong way up the dual carriageway!

Well, they promised excitement.

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