Q&A with Nick Egan

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For those familiar with DD's video oeuvre, Nick Egan's name should ring a bell. Beside directing Duran Duran's new video, "All You Need Is Now," Nick has worked with the band before, helming "Ordinary World," "White Lines" and "Perfect Day." To follow is a transcript of a recent Q&A Nick did on youtube:

**Initially, I wanted to show up and film the band together at their rehearsal and spend a day with each member, so I could get a sense of who they are as individuals how different they are, and balance that with who they are as a band. In all the years I have known them I have never seen them quite as excited as this, in fact it’s contagious. I honestly did not intend it to have such a lot of performance as it ended up having.

**Believe me the videos I did for Ordinary World, White Lines and Perfect Day are a hard act to follow and for a while I wasn’t sure that I could. So I decided to come from a completely different approach and just go with a feeling that I felt instinctively which was based on the mood the band were in. I think the rawness of the video suits that, so these beautiful individual shots didn’t make it in the cut, except for Nicks.

**It is all real, and that’s exactly how we intended it to be. Even the kids we shot in LA were genuine kids who had recently discovered DD and and the New Romantics. I wanted people to relate to them. The stunning models and exotic locations were brilliant and it helped create this fantastic aura that they have, and since then many other bands have imitated

**In fact I have some stunning footage of Roger in Richmond Park, Simon down by the Thames near his house, John walking thru the snow at his house in the country. But all of us felt that there was somethings special about this performance that we wanted to share with fans and to me that has so much more value to it than throwing some expensive models in there. They were having fun and it comes across in the video.

**I wanted to make a video showed them, not only as a great band, but as friends, four people who have written some of the most memorable songs in history who still have a great time together even after all these years of writing. The only way I could do that was , to not have any rigid concept, to just show up and film, which is pretty much what happened. I wanted to capture something that I had seen in all of the guys, a feeling of excitement of fun.

**A British Artist called Clunie Reid has done a fantastic album cover. There was not much time to include all of it in the clip. However I will be mixing those elements in an extended version of the song.

**It was a very conscious decision from myself and the band to re think the whole music video concept, don’t forget it was they who created the extravagant video in the first place.

**To show that their influence is still here amongst a new generation of 18,19 and 20 year old’s, that is a wonderful achievement, that’s why I wanted the kids to be real and NOT models, they really did look like that, but the most wonderful thing about that, and you are the first to know this, is the jacket and shirt that the boy is wearing are actually John’s, from his original wardrobe, the kid’s name is Rhett showed up looking like he stepped out of the Run Runner but how could we not have that piece of history in the video.

**Thank you all of you, the band really do care about their fans and we wanted to include you in the video, so that section towards the end with all the live shows was meant as tribute to all the Duranies.