My Idols Duran Duran have Shaped the Sound of my New album, Says Mark Ronson

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SUPER-PRODUCER Mark Ronson says he was so inspired by Duran Duran that they have shaped the sound of his new record.

Mark, who has been working with the 80s icons on their latest album, was so impressed by their unique style that he couldn't help but use it in his own work.

He said: "I really got caught up in the sounds of the synths. I learned a lot about the keyboards from Nick Rhodes."

Mark has always been a fan of the "View To A Kill" band, who will release the new album early next year. He couldn't believe it when he was asked to team up with them a few years back for a special one-off concert.

Mark admitted at the time that they "were the only band I ever idolised" and revealed he used to take a picture of bassist John Taylor with him to the barbers.

Mark's new material also saw him collaborate with Boy George as well as rapper Q Tip and Yeah Yeah Yeahs' keyboardplayer MNDR for his single Bang Bang Bang.

He said: "As well as having one of the best rapper names, Q Tip is one of my favourites."

Mark shot to fame following the incredible production on his 2007 album Version, which reworked covers of songs such as Just, Stop Me and Oh My God.

Although he's a multi-instrumentalist, Mark admitted he'd like to be more like Jack White and play just one instrument really well.

He said: "I play two or three instruments but nothing amazing."

"Sometimes I wish I was like Jack and really good at one thing but I'm not."

Modest Mark has three Grammys and a Brit Award to show for his work. And after his latest work, there could be more on the way.

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