Karl Lagerfeld Parties With Duran Duran

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"Everyone you can think of is at the Fendi Party dancing to Duran Duran", tweeted Coco Rocha yesterday from Paris. Well, it didn't have quite the celebrity roster of its Thursday night predecessor, the Vogue anniversary party, but Fendi managed to do pretty well for itself with a party that even got Uncle Karl dancing...-

Bright pink wristbands were delivered to selected guests--including models Alessandra Ambrosio and Bee Prinsloo--which ensured admittance to a private Duran Duran concert, in celebration of Fendi's new fragrance, Fan Di Fendi. Uhm, we'd definitely be willing to classify ourselves as fans of Fendi if it means getting one of those wristbands next year...

See photos at this link: Duran Duran at Fendi

Courtesy Guestofaguest.com