Simon Le Bon’s Highlights of 2010

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Simon Le Bon’s Highlights of 2010:

Finishing “All You Need is Now”

The Foals, Kanye, Kelis and Plan B’s “Stay too Long”

My trip to India

Watching Amber become so successful in the modeling work she is doing

Seeing Tallulah sing at the Vatican in Rome

My daughter Saffron’s band, XIII and the Brave, with Benjy XIII, and their song “The Wind (She Blows you Close).”

Taking a bunch of kids to see “Ghost Stories” on the West End.

The new coalition government in the UK

“Wolf Hall” by Hilary Mantel and Bernard Cornwel’s “Dark Ages: series (a/k/a “The Arthur Books”), which are splendid books

My gift to you, and from all of Duran Duran, is the music we made. It’s nearly three years of work, inspiration and beauty all in one little package. The message to you wonderful people is thank you for sticking with us. Merry Christmas, but whatever religion or God you follow, I hope you have peace with your beliefs and a wonderful time full of love, happiness and great music! - Simon Le Bon, December, 2010