Duran Duran Storm to Top of Download Charts with New Album All You Need Is Now… with a Little Help from ITN Newscaster Nina Hossain

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Duran Duran storm to top of download charts with new album All You Need Is Now... with a little help from ITN newscaster Nina Hossain

Duran Duran have stormed to the top of the download charts with their new album All You Need Is Now.

The recording - their 13th studio album - is number one on the charts in the UK, America, Canada and Italy within hours of going on sale.

And while the band's huge fanbase is obviously the main reason behind their immediate chart success, it could also have something to do with the fact that the record features ITN newscaster Nina Hossain on two of the tracks.

On the song The Man Who Stole A Leopard, Nina sticks to what she knows by reading out a news bulletin scripted by Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon.

However, on the track Blame The Machines, Nina tries something different by adopting a 'sat nav' style voice.

Talking about the experience, 37-year-old Nina said: 'It was all incredibly exciting as I ended up duetting with Simon Le Bon in the recording studio.

'There were a lot of jealous colleagues at work.

'The first gig I ever went to was at the age of nine at Queens Hall in Leeds – and it was to see Duran Duran.

'An email came in the summer from Simon Le Bon asking if I could help them out. It was the best thing I’ve ever done apart from having my children!'

However, Nina admits she struggled with the mechanical-style Sat Nav voice.

She said: 'That was way out of my comfort zone.

'It’s hard to describe really as I wasn’t talking, rapping or singing. It was something in between!'

All You Need Is Now is a nine-track digital LP, with a free music video download, which was released worldwide today exclusively through iTunes.

Talking about the new album recently, keyboard player Nick Rhodes said: 'We don't ever run out of ideas and we like working together. We're a different unit than most. We feel what we have within the band is the ability to create whatever we want at any given time.

'We operate within our own vacuum - we don't seal out everything outside but we enter a room and close the doors and do what we want. It's the balance between rock guitar and electronics, and of course, the sound of Simon's voice.

'The arrangement is not that unusual but the sound itself is. After three decades, it is a real treat and thrill for us.'

An extended record and various other format special packages are also due for release in February next year.

The new album marks further success for Duran Duran, who have sold over 80million records during their career which spans three decades.

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