Duran Duran: Seven and the Ragged Tiger Duran Duran, CD review

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Seven and the Ragged Tiger Duran Duran is a testament to the group’s occasional pop brilliance. Rating: * * *

By Thomas H Green
Published: 5:54PM GMT 26 Mar 2010

From a distance of three decades, Duran Duran’s claim that their musical intention was to combine Roxy Music’s glamorous pop with Chic’s grooves stands up rather well.

At the time, however, such level-headed assessment was spiked by their ubiquity as global teen pin-ups. Duran Duran, their 1981 debut, is all sci-fi synths and mannered aloofness, the sound of five aspirational Brummies still keen to retain some semblance of post-punk cool.

Their third album, on the other hand, is opulently produced, their new romantic origins blooming into lush decadent pop. Both releases come as triple disc sets, including DVDs of videos and concert footage that are a testament to Duran Duran’s occasional pop brilliance.

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