Duran Duran on GetGlue.com!

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We're excited to announce that we have a dedicated entertainment page on GetGlue where they’ve given us an opportunity to connect DD fans from all over the world and to “win” exclusive & fun Duran Duran record stickers. GetGlue is a totally free online and mobile social network for entertainment. You and your friends can check-in and share music, shows, movies and books; get suggestions for new things and earn rewards from top entertainment brands.

It's easy to sign up -- you can do it using your Facebook account. After you login, you can use the GetGlue wizard to give the service a bunch of information about your tastes right off the bat, or just close the wizard and go straight to Duran Duran

Right now, there are three ways to earn Duran Duran stickers on GetGlue:

1. Check-in to Duran Duran five times to get the Duran Duran Fan Sticker

2. Check-in to Duran Duran during the week of December 14 and get the All You Need is Now iTunes Exclusive Sticker

3. Check-in to Duran Duran and mention one of the songs on All You Need Is Now after December 21 and receive the All You Need Is Now iTunes Exclusive Sticker.

When you earn the stickers, you can share them with your friends on Facebook and Twitter to show everyone that you're a Duranie.

We're so grateful for how hard you've worked to get the word out about All You Need Is Now -- both the single AND the album (which comes out December 21 -- so close now!), and we love discovering new ways to help you stay connected.

Check-in on GetGlue