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Guitarist Warren Cuccurullo, who was a member of Duran Duran for 15 years, this week debuts his first pop project since leaving the band in 2001. CHICANERY is a collaboration with singer-songwriter Neil Carlill, who first hooked up with Warren when he and Nick were working on the TV Mania project.

That was in 1998, and 12 years later Chicanery is signed to dPulse Recordings and have just released their self-titled debut album on CD and digitally through Fontana/Universal Music Group Distribution. The album features Frank Zappa alumni Terry Bozzio and Joe Travers, and is a swirling, intense, hook-laden vision of surreal pop music.

Warren's musicianship is evident on classic '90s Duran Duran releases such as "The Wedding Album" and "Medazzaland" and is once again on full display in Chicanery.

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