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In December, John Taylor came to New York to work with the Danimals, the winning artist from the Toohey’s Extra Dry competition. After listening to many entries, Mark Ronson chose them to fly from Australia to work with some great talent of Mark's choosing like John, Nick from Kaiser Chiefs, Sean Lennon, Santigold and more. The final track, written and produced in Tooheys Extra Dry: The Lab, will feature as the soundtrack for Tooheys Extra Dry’s next national advertising campaign, and the winner’s journey will be filmed from start to finish – resulting in a fly-on-the-wall documentary for release in March next year.

The Toohey’s TED THE LAB site is running footage of this experience, which includes working with John in the Studio. Keep checking the TEDTHELAB site for the latest updates on this very cool project! (please note, it takes awhile to load)