S. Le Blog, Day 1

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Simon has embarked on a trip to India and has agreed to keep a "road diary" for DD.com. Please check back to the site for his latest updates. To follow is #1 of ???? :

Late tonight, Yasmin and I at arrived Delhi Intl airport. There were a lot of people coming in for the much talked about Commonwealth Games, but we're not here for that; this is a 10 day trip into Rajastan we're on, Yasmin is writing a piece about the trip, and doing some photos for Harpers Magazine, & I'm carrying the bags. It's my first ever trip to India, and we are going to visit some splendidid places and stay in some very fancy hotels.

We've checked into the Leela Palace hotel near the airport, and after a slow, hot bath watching Anne Hathaway in a period drama on telly through the bathroom's glass wall, it's bed because tomorrow we've got an early flight to Jodhpur; that's right, the place where the New Romantic trousers come from.

iWwhooosh, s