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I'm in London, I should be in South Africa but that is no more for reasons that are completely outside of our control. These things have happened before, and will happen again, but I still feel for all the people that had bought tickets many months in advance, and I apologize to them. I hope that we can make it there at some point during the planned world tour in support of 'AYNIN'.

In fact, I am in "FROZEN LONDON"-"THE BIG FREEZE"- "UK IN ICE AGE GRIP"- "WEEKS MORE OF SUFFERING TO COME"- "MORE ARCTIC MISERY"- "MILLIONS OF KIDS MISS SCHOOL"... all headlines that I have seen this week because we have had a few centimetres of snow and some pretty extreme low temperatures. Maybe it's because I don't have to suffer the tortuous commuting of a 9 to 5 office worker, but this all sounds like pretty good fun to me. When I went out for a 3 hour 'snowy' walk yesterday, the parks and streets were full of unusually congenial people chucking snow balls at each other and drinking mulled wine (which I am sure is actually just heated up Sangria in disguise). I love the extremities of our British climate, and it's probably why I still live here. I couldn't bear to be in a City that has no real visible signs of the changing seasons. I'm glad to be here in 'THE BIG CHILL', even if I did have to glumly unpack the beach shorts and sun tan cream I had packed in readiness for a South African summer.

We are spending most of our time at the moment on photo shoots, shooting videos and doing interviews... all pretty boring when you have done many thousands of these things in your life, but there is a palpable excitement in the air as we come up to the releases of our first new material for
some years. I think this in an album that is very close to our hearts, as we are feeling that it is the best collection of material that we have produced in a long long time. The road has been a long one but I'm sure you will agree that it has been worth it.