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[John Taylor goes track by track on the band's new release "All You Need is Now"; keep checking back to the blog section for the latest installment ]

Track eight: 'Runway Runaway'.

A title of Nick's after we had gone out one night in Los Angeles to see the Runaways movie. Simon's words came fast. 'She's Leaving Home' revamped and remodeled. This time she's running away from home to be a catwalk model, not to meet a man from the motor trade. How times have changed.
The music had also come easy, in the spring of '09. Terrifically upbeat chorus chords that I could listen to over and over.. At one point I tried to convince everyone, "We don't need any other chords!.." But they nicely matched a 'riff' that reminded us of 'Song Remains the Same'. That did become the verse, although it would not remain the same. Poor Dom must have re-recorded the part six times before everyone was happy with it.