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(a poem)


There is not one person staying in this hotel
who would rather not be somewhere else.
At home in bed with a warm wife perhaps,
or watching a son play soccer on a winter field,
or walking the dog along a leafy street &
(waving hello to the neighbours).
Helping daughter with last minute homework or
helping her pick out her wedding dress even or
Quality time with ageing Dad or Mom or both.

Not work though, not here, Anywhere but here.

Why do we have to come so far?
It turned out to be a rumour that the world had grown small,
And whoever said it had no frequent flyer miles.
We think nothing these days, of vast distances
and crossings, of two or three oceans for one nights work.
So here we all are, for one night or maybe two,
roaming the halls at midnight, like jagged Willy Lomans.

At least I got my breakfast in bed. That’s different.
Would not have gotten that at home (unless I was sick.)
which I never am, anymore (I’m over that.)
Endless supplies of coffee on tap,
Heuvos Fritos at a moments notice,
Hmmm.. I guess it’s not so uncomfortable!

The only real hurt is the restless gentle pull that
says ‘Don’t stay, get away,
get home & isolate, turn away.
Pull up the covers and don’t play with others, quick,
before you get found out..’

But that would not be living life,
and I must move forward and not be afraid
of the darkness that lives in my skull anymore.
Meet some people, make some friends,
imitate a human being, that’s how they all do it,
and what could be better than that?
At the All-Star Telecom Conference I could win,
a free cell-phone or a blackberry to call home with,
at least.

Not that it isn’t beautiful. I even have a sea view.
Was a time when that would have been more than enough,
(the mid-nineteenth century perhaps) but now, it just gets in the way..
Perception is everything, I have to keep my mind right,
and get it right with God- keep the channel clear, strong, wide, free-flowing.