Simon Works with Isabelle Adjani

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“This past week I recorded a vocal on an Isabelle Adjani duets project. I was very pleased to hear she’d though of me for this collaboration, and was interested right away.

The project is a “concept” album about the cycle of a love relationship, from one break up to another. There are many male guest vocals on this album, so I was in good company as other participants included Peter Murphy from Bauhaus, David Sylvian from Japan, Youssou N’Dour, Seal and Christophe. The project is being produced by Pascal Obispo, who is a major star in France as well.

I flew to Lè Cap Ferret and stayed at Pascal’s beautiful home. We spent a full day in the studio capturing the vocal for the song “C’est Lui (It’s Him).” All of the guest vocals are angels inside the head of the protagonist (Isabelle), who speak to her though out different situations. It’s a very clever idea and I am excited to hear the entire finished product.”