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The other day, I went over to Paris for a big event in Paris Couture. Yasmin and I took a very early Euro-Star, but since we booked really late, we stayed at a Four-Star-Hotel called The Regina. Now that may sound a bit poncy to you, but when we’re on tour, we always stay in Five Star Hotels – I mean, you would if you could, right? And we do. The Regina was fantastic actually, clean and perfectly located, with a great, happy staff, which is the most important thing to me.

We were there for the amazing designer Valentino, featured in the film “The Last Emperor.” The movie documents his last year working at his design house and if you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth checking out. Any way, drove up to his house and there was lots of security outside. All the cars stopped at the end of the driveway, so we jumped out of the car. However, we found that the traffic jam was due to all the big cars that were having a problem getting around the right-hand bend to the next part of the driveway, so we ended up having to walk quite a long way before coming to a fabulous Chateau, which we had seen from the first driveway. The Chateau, which wasn’t too-too big, looked beautiful.

We walked around to the side of the house where Valentino has built an annex that houses his archives. Quite an amazing space, he has built it so fashion students can come have a look at his drawings and works. It’s a magnificent idea.

I did sneak off, I have to say, to have a sneaky peek at a World Cup match (which was the semi-final between Germany and Spain), on a very small TV with French commentary, which took a bit of getting used to let’s say. It wasn’t my favourite match, and I am not sure the “right” team got through because I personally thought Germany was playing the most exciting football in the world cup. I completely released the fact that they had knocked England out!

When I came downstairs, I realized people were going round to the main party area and for the first time noticed that there was a moat around the house. There was actually a real moat! We went around the house, crossed a bridge, and on the lawn in front of us was a wide open structure which was maybe 100 foot from side to side, and much longer that than that, with no end to it at all. It was quite a special structure. There were white couches placed on the grounds, two bars, catering and 250 guests. It was splendid.

John came up to me, he was there with Gela, and said, “You must come and meet Jane Fonda!”, which I had never done. So I went over to her and asked, “What do you think about us being Duran Duran?” (Many years ago Anita Pallenberg, who was also in “Barbarella,” said “Oh yes, you’re the band that stole your name from MY movie.”).

“Well,” said Jane, “it was difficult for awhile, but after a few marriages, and one to someone with a sense of humor, I finally came around to it!” She was lovely, I am really glad I finally got to meet the original “Barbarella.”

Really, after meeting Jane Fonda, my mood was on a high for the rest of the evening....though it was a very late night, and an early start the next day, so I am a little wobbly right now. Therefore, I am going to sign off now and have a nap.