We loved songs of all kinds; Top 40 songs of a decade

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Monday, December 28, 2009
We loved songs of all kinds
Rock, R&B and even hip-hop made this list of the Top 40 of the 2000s

Anyone's Top 40 songs of a decade will be very subjective. Even high-paid music critics, though they might not admit it, like certain types of songs better than others.
I believe music in the 1960s and 1970s was better and more fun to listen to than that in the '80s and '90s. But I must admit, the 2000s have provided some fantastic songs and groups.
And, I'm proud to say that music lovers of almost all ages and styles will find something in this list to like or hate. Some ranked high on Billboard's annual lists; others were ranked high by Rolling Stone magazine. Others probably weren't ranked by anyone else but me.

MY Top 40 songs of the decade
1. "Yankee Bayonet," The Decemberists (2006) It's just such a pretty song with a wonderful melody and interesting, Civil War-inspired lyrics.
2. "Bohemian Like You," The Dandy Warhols (2000) A much more upbeat rocker, this love song draws you in and builds like a locomotive, then slams on the brakes. The drawn-out "wahoos" in the chorus are great.
3. "Steady As She Goes," Raconteurs (2006) As the title suggests, this song about settling down into the married life has a steady beat that just won't stop. Great jogging song. (The group is pictured above in the globe.)
4. "Bleed to Love Her," Fleetwood Mac (2003): Yes, one of my favorite all-time groups released a very good CD in the 2000s, despite the absence of Christine McVie. Lindsey Buckingham rocks on this tune.
5. "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)," Blu Cantrell (2001) The first time I heard this catchy pop song was a rare moment watching MTV. It's the tale of creative revenge on a cheating man. I can sing the "Oops!" real well.
6. "Roll Over D.J.," Jet (2003) A pure, old-fashioned, in-your-face rock 'n' roll song about a D.J. stealing a singer's time. I'll pick up a tennis racket and play air guitar to this one anytime.
7. "Last Nite," The Strokes (2001) A fun, quick rock song about walking out the door on a girlfriend. Featured on Rolling Stone's No. 2 album of the 2000s, "This Is It."
8. "Eddie's Ragga," Spoon (2007) This group ranks second only to the Decemberists as my 2000s favorites, and this tune about a short-lived acquaintance oozes with soul.
9. "Float On," Modest Mouse (2004) A song about moving on despite bad luck, lead singer Isacc Brock's voice is not for everyone. It reminds me a little of "Come On Eileen," by the Dexys Midnight Riders (1983).
10. "Hey Ya!," Outkast (2004) I'm not a big hip hop/R&B fan, but this one makes me almost want to "shake it, shake it like a Polaroid Picture." Picked up my spirits during a tough time.
11. "Glass, Concrete and Stone," David Byrne (2005) The former lead singer of the Talking Heads is at his best here.
12. "I Need to Know," Marc Anthony (2000) Best song of the Latin invasion tunes.
13. "The Perfect Crime #2," Decemberists (2006) Keeps your foot tapping.
14. "Only Time," Enya (2001) Heavenly song.
15. "Save the Last Dance For Me," Michael Buble (2005) Best version ever.
16. "Me & My 424," John Vanderslice (2002) Haunting, confusing tune that grows on you.
17. "The Underdog," Spoon (2007) It's got that '70s' feel to it that I seem to crave.
18. "I Can Only Imagine," Mercy Me (2001) My all-time favorite Christian song.
19. "Such Great Heights," The Postal Service (2003) Beautiful song. Heard it the first time on my wife Kris' iPod.
20. "Falling Down," Duran Duran (2007) So much better than "Hungry Like the Wolf" days.
21. "Devil in the Water," Matt Pond PA (2008) Two of his other songs just missed this list.
22. "Mary," Scissor Sisters (2004) Touching ballad from a high-energy pop group.
23. "Caught Up," Usher (2005) I can't believe it's on my list, but I love the "caught up!" parts.
24. "Remember When," Alan Jackson (2004) My favorite country song of the decade.
25. "Where is the Love?," Black Eyed Peas (featuring Justin Timberlake) (2003) Meaningful hip-hop/rap song with a melody to boot.
26. "Silver Lining," Rilo Kiley (2007) Sorta country, sorta pop.
27. "Crazy," Gnarls Barkley (2006) Upbeat, soulful song with an Al Green feel to it. Rolling Stone's No. 1 of the decade.
28. "I Will Follow You Into the Dark," Death Cab For Cutie (2005) They sing of pure devotion on this one.
29. "I Predict A Riot," Kaiser Chiefs (2005) Just beat out another of their high-powered punkish tunes "Every Day I Love You Less and Less."
30. "Guilty of the Crime," Eagles (2008) My favorite from their "Long Road Out of Eden" album.
31. "Maps," Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs (2003) A uniquely pretty love song, it appears on almost every 2000s best-of list.
32. "Closer," Ne-Yo (2008) Wonderful chorus carries this R&B offering.
33. "Couldn't You Tell," B.C. Camplight (2005) A mix of Burt Bacharach, the Beach Boys and everything '70s.
34. "Speed of Sound," Coldplay (2005) I like this group in concert better than on CD.
35. "Librarian," My Morning Jacket (2008) Could be named after Kris, my librarian. Both very pretty.
36. "Sovay," Andrew Bird (2005) My favorite from among many by this talented tri-state musician.
37. "Traveler," Fernando Ortega (2002) My second favorite Christian song of the decade. Inspirational for my late first wife, Jane.
38. "Bend and Break," Keane (2004) A very '70s-sounding song and group.
39. "Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop," Landon Pigg (2007) As romantic as the title suggests.
40. "Chasing Cars," Snow Patrol, (2006) Knew it would be a hit the first time I heard it.
Songs of 2009 that need time to brew and could eventually make my Top 40 of the 2000s:

- "I Gotta Feeling," Black Eyed Peas
- "Fireflies," Owl City
- "Know Your Enemy," Green Day
- "Use Somebody," Kings of Leon
- "Hey Soul Sister," Train.