The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas

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“There was a campaign in England, about a year ago, which caused quite a big stir. There were signs on buses that said “There Probably Is No God.” This, of course, was very controversial. I read some interview with the girl who started the campaign, and she said she’d done it because there was a radical fundamentalist group going around saying something like, if you don’t believe in God, you’re damned and will be going to hell, so she thought she’d have a go back at them.

Suddenly, she had all these death threats, and it became quite a story. When I saw her on telly I thought “Hang on, I know her!” - she used to hang outside of Warren’s house in 1996 when we were making a record! I remember I really liked her and thought she was smart – so I wanted to get back in touch to lend my support. When the News mentioned she was also a contributor at the Guardian, I called up and left her message there. She called me right back and told me all about the book, and all the people she was speaking to – celebrities, authors, comedians, the great thinkers of our time, etc. I offered to do an interview with her, and that’s how I ended up as a contributor to THE ATHEIST'S GUIDE TO CHRISTMAS by Ariane Sherine. I’ve also done a vocal for the audio book version.

I am a concerned Agnostic – which means I sit on the fence a little bit because it’s too arrogant to say there is no God. I am willing to become a believer if someone could prove it to me, but I am not going to take other people’s word for it. A lot of my thoughts are in this book and it will make a great Holiday present for people – the book is quite funny and intelligent and it will get you thinking. Simon”

The Atheists's Guide to Christmas