Rio (Collector’s Edition) (EMI

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Duran Duran

Rio (Collector’s Edition) (EMI)


Undoubtedly the best pop band of the 80s, this timely reissue of their legendary ‘Rio’ album is a treat for diehard collectors and the casual music fan. Out of all of the Duranies’ records, pound for pound ‘Rio’ is the pick of the bunch in this writer’s opinion. It’s worth the asking price alone for ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’ (there’s also an ace alternate version of the seminal song on the bonus disk) but tracks like ‘Chauffeur,’ ‘Save A Prayer’ and of course the title track leave you in no doubt where bands like the Killers stole their sound from. In an era of big hair, big shoulder-pads and even bigger tunes, Duran Duran were kings, and this record is a master-class in how to be the perfect pop band. Pick it up now.

Courtesy Fate Magazine