Mark Ronson invites Nick Hodgson to Duran Duran sessions in London

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Kaiser Chiefs’ drummer and songwriter Nick Hodgson has written a number of songs with Duran Duran for their new album.

The band are currently in the studio with Mark Ronson, who invited Hodgson in to work with Le Bon and co.

“I called Nick a week ago and asked if he’d be interested in coming to work with Duran Duran and write a song” Ronson told NME.COM. “He’s never done that before, because he only writes with Ricky and his own band, but I thought it made a lot of sense because there’s a lot of Kaiser Chiefs songs I could imagine being on a Duran Duran record 25 years ago.”

The producer says Hodgson worked with the band for “five or six hours”, and they wrote three songs together:

“One is quite rocky, one is more Italo disco” he says. ”Two of them I would definitely say are making the record.”

Ronson will work on the record until the end of this week. He will then return to New York, where he will perform at the launch of Topshop next week.

--By our New York staff.