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7th July 2009

MARK Ronson is the new unofficial fifth member of Duran Duran after helping the band to rediscover their 80s mojo.

The first song the musical genius learned to play was Wild Boys, so Rono is thrilled to now be producing the Brummie legends’ new album.

Playlist’s James Cabooter spent an afternoon in the studio with the band.

Keyboardist Nick Rhodes told him: “Mark did a DJ edit for us in Paris last year, which he then told us to play live.

“It worked well and so we talked about recording an album. So far it’s going spectacularly well.”

Ronson, who is approaching the project from a fan’s view, agreed: “We’ve been unearthing all the tricks they pulled off from 1982.

“Nick is using synths he hasn’t touched since Hungry Like The Wolf. I’m like a fan, it’s what I would want to hear from a Duran Duran record.”

The band are impressed by 33-year-old Ronson’s ear for a tune. Drummer Roger Taylor, 49, said: “He knows his music inside out – guitar, bass, keyboards.

He even plays shaker on the album.

“He was playing our songs at school and he wants us to get back to the times when we made really great dance records.

“We are going back to the roots of the band but in a contemporary way to reclaim the ground we once owned, ground that other bands have been ripping off.”

Fans may get a chance to hear the fruits of their labour when the band headline London’s award-winning Lovebox Festival.

Mark is even rumoured to be planning a guest appearance when the lads play at the event in Victoria Park on July 18.

And Nick, 47, can’t wait to hit the festival circuit.

He said: “Lovebox is perfect because of the great electronic acts playing.

“Being in a field was not very Duran Duran before but now there are VIP areas and girls can wear sensible shoes.

By that I mean three-inch heels.”

The band will also rock Edinburgh Castle on July 16.

Courtesy Daily Star