Lamya Al-Mugheiry

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We would like to express our sadness upon hearing about the death of our dear friend Lamya Al-Mugheiry.

She joined Duran Duran as a singer for our tour of the Wedding Album in 1993 and continued to appear on stage with us well into the 1990s. During that time she gained our respect and affection. As well as performing and recording with us, she worked with such greats as David Bowie and James Brown. You may also recognise her as the voice of Soul II Soul's Vol. II. She
released her solo album "Learning From Falling" in 2002.

I can honestly say that hers was one of the best voices I've ever heard. Working with her was always easy because she had such a finely developed ear for music and the vocal capability, in both range and timbre, to match it. She was the lovely beautiful girl who brought her very individual formula of Eastern Exotique to a stage of white Anglo-Saxon rockers.

We remember her with love in our hearts.

Simon Le Bon