DD Status Update

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With lots of news coming from plenty of different sources, we thought we’d give a brief update as to what the band is up to:

John is in New York this week working with Mark Ronson on Mark’s upcoming album. As more information becomes available, we will post it here. John’s also participating in Ted the Lab’s contest for an up and coming band from Australia to work with some amazing artists (including JT!). Visit www.tedthelab.com to sign up!

As Simon blogged, he spent some time writing in Los Angeles with songwriter Cathy Dennis. He also hunkered down for some writing with Nick from the Kaiser Chiefs, and continues to work on lyrics from home in London.

Nick is hoping to get TV Mania – as “threatened” in several Ask Katy’s – out in 2010. Watch this space for more.

Roger will be blogging next week, so we will leave his update all to him (check the WRITING portion of the site)...

While there are no tour dates planned at the moment, please keep checking the site for updates!