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I've never been big on celebrating my own birthday, especially as a kid, when I really was the 'the quiet one at the back of the class' - and was quite happy to let the thing pass everyone by as it would only bring more unwanted attention. As soon as I became a member of DD though, my birthday was suddenly broadcast to the world and I would disappear under an avalanche of cards, soft toys and best wishes.

These days I invariably start to get a twinge of excitement in my stomach a couple of weeks before my Birthday because now I realise what a great day it is when it's your birthday, and how it is something that everyone should celebrate to the extreme ... so thanks to everyone out there in DD world for every message or gift you have sent over the years. As each new birthday approaches I do wonder how many greetings I will get, and you never fail to
impress me with your kindness and generosity.

As you know, Duran are playing some dates this summer, which we’re very excited about. A few in the US, a few in the UK and one in Russia are on deck so far, and since we enjoy playing live so much, I can say without any hesitation that we’re all looking forward to seeing you out on the road –
hope you can make at least one date....and you never know, a song from the new album sessions COULD pop in to the set list.

I also hope to be doing some more DJ gigs over the summer months, so please keep checking duranduran.com for information on that.

We’re also happy to be hard at work in the studio, writing some really great sounding new music. Dare I say there could be a Duran Duran release in 2009? There! I’ve said it....with us, anything is possible!

Thank you all again. You know how to make an ancient 'twirler of the timber' very happy!