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It's hotting up in this town. Nick Hodgson's visit on Monday started us off on a (as this is online) .orgy of creation. Unlike God however, we will be taking not just Sunday, but Saturday and possibly today off to recover from the hangover which follows the kind of party we've had this week; forget the weekends - they are for wimps; I'm talking about Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Thank Dog it's Friday - "I'm wanting me to go to rehab."

Mark R is a quiet man really. Surprising then that his presence has such great effect, but it does. Sometimes we are the typical band where the one who shouts loudest, or holds out the longest, wins; that approach just doesn't work with Mark producing the record. I think that we, as a band, have all been very aware of his understated manner, and there is a sort of unspoken understanding between us that we have to curb any sort of bombast for this project to work properly. And it does - we worked up three new songs yesterday alone, and at this rate we'll be probably be able to match Prince - double album for double album this year.

BTW, does anybody actually want, sorry: does anyone actually know what to do - with a double album these days?

For the record, I want to say that I loved working with Timbaland, Justin & Nate Hills. And what's more, for me there was nothing disastrous about Red Carpet Massacre - I still fucken lov it.

And, possibly the best news today: We are free of SONY music corp.