A real head trip

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A real head trip
Aidin Vaziri, Chronicle Pop Music Critic
Friday, July 3, 2009

People often accuse Duran Duran of going through nearly as many lineup changes as hairstyles in the past 30 years. We wanted scientific proof.

So using our minimal MacPaint skills and the better part of what we're sure was an otherwise really nice weekend, we unearthed our cassette copy of "Seven and the Ragged Tiger," did extensive research through back issues of Star Hits and watched the video for "Girls on Film" no less than 2,107 times before coming up with the conclusive evidence, organized here in a chronological order for your convenience.

Now some people may quibble that we left out assorted drummers (if they're not here, they were never real members), chins (sorry, Simon) or that Warren Cuccurullo didn't officially join the lineup until 1989 or take his wig off until mid-2000 - to which we say, "You try drawing 30 different heads of New Wave icons without wanting to capsize a yacht halfway through the project."

As it turns out, this is the most accurate historical document of the veteran British pop band since the last Killers album. Also, it's still weird to think all those Taylors are in no way related.

Duran Duran plays at the Fillmore on Tuesday and the Mountain Winery in Saratoga on Wednesday. We'll be in the front row at both shows with our sketchpad.

(And in case you're wondering, yes, this was inspired by the Black Flag hair timeline that made the rounds on the Internet last year, but ours is clearly better.)

Duran Duran plays at 9 p.m. Tues. at the Fillmore, 1805 Geary Blvd., San Francisco. Sold out. (415) 346-6000, www.livenation.com. Also at 7:30 p.m. Wed. at the Mountain Winery, 14831 Pierce Road, Saratoga. $59.50-$149.50. (408) 741-2822, www.mountainwinery.com.

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