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I just got back from the Studio; Dom is still in there; in the studio. He's gonna have sore fingers soon; he's been playing for hours and hours; surviving on water and bananas alone - it's beginning to be the subject of some, well, quite non-PC comments. A man makes his way through on average a 7-8 unit hand of bananas per day - you can imagine the kind of ribbing he gets. The other thing is Marmite rice-cakes. You have to try them; they're quite something; Mark has become quite the afficionado! Of course they're not everyone's cup of tea. Those of you from the Americas in particular, seem to have what can only be described as a: bordering on vitriolic, aversion to Marmite. Or is that just an aversion to all things fermentelly spumous? Without consulting your online dictionary, see if you can guess which one of those words I made up?