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As it rapidly approaches the year 2010 (and of course my 49th and three quarters birthday) it has become apparent that the album is going to take a little longer that envisioned. We always tend to get carried along with the euphoria of coming up with those initial ideas and recordings that tend to flow very very quickly but
invariably forget that its all the fine crafting, honing of each painstaking lyric and mixing that can really stretch the recording process out..but we pride ourselves on being an album band, and want to make sure we deliver the absolute best representation of where we are today...and I can assure you that this record really is going to be worth waiting for.

I'm spending some much needed time at home at the moment, which is great after being on the road so much over the last few years - although at times I do feel like some sort of stay at home husband in a mind warping holding pattern. I have, however, become extremely nimble and well practised in the ancient art of 'hoover dodging' as it roars towards my be-socked feet each morning. I now have lightening reflexes in my lower legs that I have not had for some years! I also got to DJ at a party hosted by Cindy Crawford in London. She looks amazing and is still a very down to earth girl, which is always good, and no, she didn't request 'Freedom' by George Michael once throughout a long evening! I must say though that I am already starting to fantasize about stepping on board the aeroplane next year that will wing me to the first show of the Duran Duran 2010 world tour

I have also realised that when I am home, I very rarely venture more than two or three miles from my house. I love the area of London that I live in, and it has become my village, so the idea of venturing into North West London rather than my native South West London being an absolutely preposterous idea akin to being being a sailor that sets sail into what he thinks is actually a flat earth with the complete expectation of falling off into the great abyss. I think maybe a lot of people in cities live like that, I know some people that live in North London that intently resist coming to into SW London in absolute fear that they may come into contact with a ..wait for it...'a Chelsea FC supporter'..very tribal and totally ridiculous!

Talking of football (or soccer to those of an American persuasion), it has been a great pleasure having the time time to catch up with the one and only Aston Villa FC. I went with 3 generations of the Taylor family a couple of weeks ago, we had the most amazing day watching them outplay Chelsea for 90 minutes...praise
to the great Agbonlahor... Incredible...thank you Martin O'Neill! (oh and thanks Sharon.B too).

Nick, Dom and went to see the re-union of one of our all time favourite bands, Mott The Hoople. They apparently hadn't played together for about 30 years, but they were amazing, and Ian Hunter definitely still has it in spades. It took me right back to the Park Hall school disco circa 1975. I almost expected to look down and see myself wearing a high-waisted pair of Oxford bags and a Ben Sherman penny round collared shirt! Oh, and I caught with our old 80's rivals Spandau at the O2, it really is great to see them playing together again and hope they continue to do so.

....back in the studio shortly, will keep you posted.


(Here's me at home avoiding the hoover! )