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I am an only child, so have no earthly siblings, but born a Gemini, I do allegedly have a twin.
Although not a disciple of astrology, I am fascinated by astronomy and find it hard to reconcile that the stars and planets have absolutely no effect on the way we are.

Some years ago, a friend asked me if I knew the exact coordinates of my birth place and the time I was born. I imparted the information, and just a few hours later, he presented me with a comprehensive 30 page document charting my personality and characteristics based upon astrological computer analysis.

I confess that I was utterly delighted to find out that my rising sign was Gemini and that my first moon was also Gemini... Now we were six.

As I read further, determined not to be drawn in by mystical fantasy, I took the role of the cynic at the psychic, expecting: 'someone very close to you has not been well recently... I see the colour blue in your life... Work has not been going the way you planned...' You get the idea. It got off to a good start, there seemed to be a logical explanation for everything, I applied the principle that even if I acknowledged that a description of certain characteristics could relate to me, it could also relate to any number of my friends of varying star signs. Somewhat irritatingly, the pile of plausible traits continued to grow.

Then the internal battle began between the twins... The cynic determined to hold his ground, relies upon science and empirical evidence; the romantic is curious and magnetically drawn towards the unknown, constantly in search of something new. Whilst the logical twin would love to say that he has the upper hand in decision-making, because of the very nature of his process, he is forced to admit that ultimately, it is the romantic who has more control. The theory is based upon the notion that the romantic trusts in chance and marvels at the way events unfold; he knows there is always a surprise awaiting. The twins stand face to face, staring at each other across the line that determines the laws of probability. The logical twin is envious of the romantic's sense of adventure, he realizes that the other four twins usually favour this path; he knows that he cannot control the unpredictable and is reluctantly accepting of his own fate.

Such is my personal dilemma everyday. Of course, this is not exclusive to Geminis; not knowing all the answers is at the core of our human condition. Sometimes you have to follow your instinct...

Happy Birthday Geminis! Obscure astral greetings to all those who may share some of our traits.

Nick, June 8th 2009

Courtesy Stephanie Pistel
Courtesy Stephanie Pistel