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Mark Ronson’s favourite bassist is James Jameson, the house player with the early Motown, the only Motown that really matters, the Detroit Motown, before the label moved to LA in the early seventies.

James was Bernard Edwards’ biggest influence also, and it has been a while since I had gone to James’ house (as it were) and spent some time in his company. Right now I am living there, have been for a week or so, mainly by listening to the Four Tops, who I am in love with, and early Marvin Gaye, also The Temptations, The Miracles, some Supremes, you know, all that good shit. It doesn’t get better than this.

While I have your attention I promised to turn you guys on to two friends of mine who are doing things that deserve your consideration.

When I first moved to California, seventeen years ago, one of the first friends I made here was a lovely lady by the name of Priscilla Woolworth (then Elwes). Priscilla was the envy of the wives and parents for her ability to create extraordinary things out of nothing, beautiful crafting skills for making photo albums, setting perfect tables and entertaining us all with delightful games. She also had a great eye for discovering interesting products, that no one else could find but her, consequently putting herself into a position where she would be supplying everyone she knew all sorts of stuff. Now she has finally opened a website, an emporium of green products and gifts that I think you’ll like. (priscillawoolworth.com)

My trainer (Rona Lewis) is an important presence in my life. I know you all appreciate what it takes to keep JT reasonably shapely and not an embarrassment to his bandmates. Rona is a sweet and funny lady who has written a cookbook with the title ‘Does This Cookbook Make Me Look Fat?’

Get the picture? Just maybe this book is all you need to help get you into that two-piece bathing suit this summer (men excepted). You can find it on Amazon.