Duran Duran vs. Mark Ronson

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Smirnoff Unites Music Titans for Unique Live Event: Duran Duran vs. Mark Ronson and More


19.00 - 19.20 : Tom Middleton (Ambient Set)

19.20- 19.50 : Acid House Suite featuring Tom Midi & Maxence Cyrin

20.05 - 21.05 : Mark Ronson & the Version Players

21.15 - 22.30 : Mark Ronson vs Duran Duran

22.40 - 00.00 Pedro Winter aka Busy P DJ set

Duran Duran and Mark Ronson redefine each other’s music in a unique, one time only evening.

Hot on the heels of his impressive list of Grammy, Brit, and NME Award wins, artist and producer of the moment Mark Ronson is set to collaborate with legendary musical innovators Duran Duran. This exciting partnership will form the centerpiece of the next Smirnoff Experience event set to take place on Wednesday, July 2nd.

Duran Duran will perform a unique live set with Ronson for this exclusive, invite-only performance. Together, they will showcase specially re-worked versions of some of the band’s classic hits that will be created by Ronson, along with tracks from their critically-acclaimed new album, Red Carpet Massacre. Ronson & the Version Players will also be bringing Mark’s acclaimed live show to the event, performing songs from his hit album, Version. Simon LeBon will bring his vocal magic to Mark’s music as one of his featured guest vocalists.

This is the third of four global Smirnoff Experience events, celebrating the brand’s heritage and originality. The global program features original music collaborations fused with unique and interactive entertainment showcased in four of the cities most relevant to the history of the brand, starting in Moscow and ending in New York City.

In preparation for this once-in-a-lifetime show, Mark Ronson and the four original members of Duran Duran: Simon LeBon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor, have already started planning this collaboration with regular conversations from the road that Mark is now following up on with time spent in the studio creating the never-before heard or played interpretations.

Commenting on working together, Ronson and Duran band members said today:

"Duran Duran are one of my favorite bands, period. The level to which they combined melody, groove, sonic and style has yet to be outdone. Plus, they were the only band I ever idolized to the extent of having posters, tour videos, Smash Hits sticker-books, and all sorts of embarrassing things. When I was nine years old, I even used to take a picture of John Taylor with me to the barber shop, in the hope that they would be able to duplicate his signature coif onto my tiny
head. It's an honour and a highlight of my musical career to get to perform with them. And with the Ed Banger Crew and Tom Middleton, it's going to be a special night" Mark Ronson

"I can't think of anyone working in music today that I would rather collaborate with on a project than Mark Ronson. This is a very exciting gig for us, totally different to anything we have done before. The idea of giving Mark free rein to remix songs of ours then to put it all together and perform it live... Wow. What a jam!" – Duran Duran bassist, John Taylor.

“Mark makes elegant intelligent music. With graceful sleight of hand he produced two of the defining albums of last year. It’s rare to find someone with such depth of vision, I believe he will be one of the most influential voices of his generation - the story has only just begun. I am thrilled that we are working together. It’s going to be truly inspiring.” Nick Rhodes – Duran keyboardist.

“Considering that for a period of over twenty years, we didn’t collaborate with anyone – apart from a brief stage appearance, on my part, at “Wham - The Final” - I think we have been pretty spoilt recently working with Timbaland, Justin Timberlake and Nate Danja Hills. Of course, that’s led to the overwhelming question; “Well after that, who could you possibly work with next? The only name that has held any real credibility and allure on our part, has been the name Mark Ronson. Mark is without doubt a naturally gifted artist and producer and one of the biggest talents to have emerged in recent years. He’s taking popular music in a new, exciting and fresh direction, for which we can all give thanks. He also looks great in a well cut suit, and has the blood and voice of an Englishman – it’s an irresistible package really. Nick, John, Roger and I simply can’t wait!!” - Duran Duran lead singer, Simon LeBon

“Mark Ronson was born only three years before Duran Duran were formed but ‘Wild Boys’ was one of the first records he spun as a young DJ. His meteoric rise from DJ to world-renowned producer has been phenomenal and it's with great excitement and anticipation we become part of the Mark Ronson story again.” – Duran Duran drummer, Roger Taylor

Premier electronic French label Ed Banger will also add their own magic to the night, with other specially-created Duran Duran remixes being presented by a selection of their hottest artists and DJs. In addition, Smirnoff Experience resident DJ Tom Middleton will also return for a unique performance with Paris-based classical pianist Maxence Cyrin, who will blend interpretations of acid house melodies with ambient beats, taking guests on a trip through some of the sounds that have defined a whole musical generation.

The Smirnoff Experience event series celebrates the best in original nightlife. Alongside headline collaborations, the events offer unique ways of serving Smirnoff cocktails, including the opportunity to choose drinks by smell and by taste. As always, Smirnoff will be demonstrating its commitment to responsible drinking by handing out free bottled water and soft drinks at the event.

The four Smirnoff Experience events form a year-long celebration of the brand’s journey from its origins in Moscow through to its status today as the world’s biggest-selling premium spirit. Smirnoff Experience Moscow took place in September 2007 and saw Faithless perform specially rescored versions of their greatest hits live on stage with a Russian orchestra. This was followed by the second Smirnoff Experience event in Shanghai in January 2008. The final global event will take place in the Autumn of this year, in New York. All of the events will be filmed for TV broadcast by channels around the world.

The heart of Smirnoff Experience is bringing original nightlife to consumers around the world, and with its unique mix of artists, interactive engagement and sensational cocktails, the show promises to deliver an unforgettable event.