Oscar Picks 2008!

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We’re sorry – we’re late – but we were running around trying to see as many nominated films as we could this year, cos last year, to be honest, we were a bit slack. So without further ado, let’s roll with it....Rhodes and Krassner make their picks:


WILL WIN: It will be a night for the Coen’s ,say Nick and Katy, with NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN taking this prize

SHOULD WIN: Nick thinks NO COUNTRY should win “I would have liked to have seen THE DIVING BELL in the nominations, and there will undoubtedly be competition from THERE WILL BE BLOOD, but I am sticking with NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.” Katy says “NO COUNTRY gave me MAJOR anxiety – too violent. I really liked THERE WILL BE BLOOD, plus I saw it with Simon, who explained things every time I went to the bathroom, so that added to the experience. Let’s go with that one.”


WILL WIN: “This one is a tough choice. I’ve long admired the Coen brothers works, and NO COUNTRY is a real gem.” says Nick. “Well yea, it seems like those brothers have got it sewn up.” says Katy - “Wanna flip a coin Nicholas?” “No.”

SHOULD WIN: Julian Schnabel for THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY should win says Nick “This is a master work and an extremely difficult book to translate on screen, which Julian achieved in a majestic way.” Katy likes Paul Thomas Anderson for THERE WILL BE BLOOD in the category.


WILL WIN: Katy & Nick KNOW Daniel Day Lewis is going to win for THERE WILL BE BLOOD. End of story.

SHOULD WIN: Nick wants Johnny Depp, because “he should have won 10 times already, and he has been overlooked for years. But an honorary mention to Viggo Mortensen, who was extraordinary in EASTERN PROMISES.” Katy thinks DDL was pretty freaking amazing in BLOOD, “milkshake line be damned.”


WILL WIN: Nick is giving it to Miss Marion Cotillard for LA VIE EN ROSE - “She won the BAFTA and whilst I feel certain Julie Christie is also a worthy choice, it’s a tough performance to beat. Oscar voters seem to like transformations in to famous musicians.” Katy agrees “Marion could be the Oscar upset of the night.”

SHOULD WIN: Nick would “love to see Julie Christie win, but when forced to the finishing line, I have to go with Marion Cotillard for a virtuoso performance.” “I’d love Laura Linney. She has no shot, but I would give it to her for SAVAGES,” says Katy.


WILL WIN: Javier Bardem. Nuff said.

SHOULD WIN: Javier Bardem should win for NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN, “it’s my personal favorite performance of the year,” says Nick. Katy gives it to Tom Wilkinson for MICHAEL CLAYTON “Holy moley, THAT was a performance.”


WILL WIN: Tilda Swinton for MICHAEL CLAYTON “Won the BAFTA, just got a feeling she might win this too” says Nick. Katy would hate to see her win but is stymied in this category. “I am going to go with Ruby Dee for sentiment. And AMERICAN GANGSTER only got one nod, and she was it.”

SHOULD WIN: Nick thinks Cate Blanchett should win for I’M NOT THERE “I am a little biased, I always want Cate to win, I think she’s the best actress of her generation. Loved her performances in both ELIZABETH: THE GOLDEN AGE and I’M NOT THERE.” Katy agrees, but “I don’t think enough Oscar voters actually saw I’M NOT THERE.


WILL WIN: Katy is giving it to “Falling Slowly” from the movie ONCE - “I mean, the whole movie was songs, right?” Nick agrees that of the nominated songs, it was the best one.

SHOULD WIN: ECHANTED did get 3 nods but ONCE is much cooler, so we’re both going to stick with that one. “Always have a soft spot for the outsider” says Nick.


WILL WIN: ATONEMENT will win for best score says Nick. Katy is sitting this one out in protest.

SHOULD WIN: “It’s disgusting Jonny Greenwood wasn’t nommed for THERE WILL BE BLOOD” says Katy, so that’s her pick even if he wasn’t nominated. Nick is giving RATATOUILLE a nod since “it would be great to see an animated film win in this category.”


WILL WIN: JUNO is going to win this award, no doubt about it.

SHOULD WIN: Katy thinks the most original screenplay was LARS AND THE REAL GIRL “A love story about a rubber doll – c’mon, that original!”

”Since Diablo Cody took her name from an Arcadia song (“El Diablo”), how could I resist choosing her? I do think JUNO was a quite original film, seems to fit perfectly in to this category, and they have to give it something. It’s JUNO for me.” says Nick.


WILL WIN: Nick is giving it to THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY “For me, this was such a significant movie, it needs to be recognized somewhere. This seems to be the most likely category. It DID win the BAFTA and although the Brothers Coen may be the more popular choice, I have a good feeling about THE DIVING BELL.” Katy thinks it is Coen Coen Coen - “The Academy is going to give it to them for NO COUNTRY. Duh Nicholas”

SHOULD WIN: Nick is going to give it to DIVING BELL and Katy agrees.



SHOULD WIN: Nick says “Although this is a tough choice, with KATYN in the running, I am giving it to 12. 12 had great success at the Venice Film Festival, so I would like to see it win the Oscar, although KATYN by Andrzej Wajda is also a strong contender.”

Katy is sticking with the COUNTERFEITERS. She is a sucker for Holocaust movies.

Ok Handicappers, hope our picks helped you narrow down your choices for OSCAR 08 – until next year our movie going friends, the balcony, as they say, is closed.

Nick & Katy