Greg Stanuszek

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It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Greg Stanuszek, a friend of the band, our extended family, and of many a Duran Duran fan. He passed away in his West Hollywood home on January 22. A native of Orange County, Calif., he is survived by his mother, Dea.

Greg was born 36 years ago on New Year's Eve, and how apt a birth date that was. For Greg treated every day as though it was a party — and he certainly was the life of it. Whether it was in a posh hotel room or at a dumpy New York diner, he was always cracking us up with his Greg-isms ("Not to be a bitch, but..."), along with his dead-on impersonations of the crying fans in Silver Blue Silver.

Our Greg even knew how to make light of the most dreary situations. On the first morning of the Broadway strike — an event that was likely to cancel the evening's Duran Duran show — Greg took it upon himself to try to placate the picketers. "What is it that you want?" Greg asked one, sounding very much like like he meant business. And he did: Faster than the union worker could say "More money," Greg had his chequebook out and open. "Just tell me how much you want," he said, "and open the doors already!" Funny thing was, he was probably serious.

While he was a longtime Duran Duran supporter, often using his media contacts to help them in any way possible, Greg was always quick to point out the things that his favorite group had given him: a circle of true-blue, like-minded friends, a well-worn passport, and, most important, the soundtrack to his life. One of his favorite songs was "Do You Believe In Shame," as Greg too had lost someone close to him a few years back. Now we have too. And so, today, the tune goes out to you Greg — 'cause we believe a part of you inside of us will never die.' We love you.

Greg Stanuszek
December 31, 1971 to January 22, 2008