For Duran Duran, Fans Are Still Hungry Like the Wolf

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For Duran Duran, Fans Are Still Hungry Like the Wolf

A text message that appeared on Merriweather Post's big screens before Tuesday's Duran Duran concert summed up the evening: "We got a babysitter! John Taylor I want your body!"

It's been more than 20 years since Duran Duran's MTV heyday, but the ladies still love JT. His suitors may be a little older and, um, "well-rounded," but Taylor's still fit and beautiful -- and almost certainly has a Dorian Gray-type portrait in his attic. In fact, all of Duran Duran's main members -- including singer Simon Le Bon, keyboardist Nick Rhodes and drummer Roger Taylor -- look fab, so much so that this band of late-40-somethings can still sell pinup posters in the merchandise booth.

None of Duran Duran's collective beauty would matter if the group's music hadn't aged as well as the men responsible for it, but the former Wild Boys' mix of glam-rock, funk, electro and new wave still sounds lively.

For two hours, the group raced through 23 songs, including many from last fall's album "Red Carpet Massacre." While those new tunes were well received, the ladies in the crowd -- and many men, too -- were flung back to their teen years and let loose with hair-curling screams when MTV staples such as "Hungry Like the Wolf" and "Rio" were performed.

Duran Duran seemed genuinely thrilled by the passionate response of the Duranies, who were in fine form throughout the night: Taylor was even offered a chance to father a child with an audience member. If Mother Nature would oblige, at least one person in the crowd knew of a good babysitter.

-- Christopher Porter
Courtesy Washington Post