First Look: Pop stars on TV

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First Look: Pop stars on TV
Samantha's Big 80's Flashback

Duran Duran bassist John Taylor was the stuff of teen fantasies in the 80's-and he'll still be breaking hearts when he guests on "Samantha Who?" early next year. "John plays Tommy Wylder, an 80's pop star whom Samantha and Dena once had a huge crush on," explains executive producer Don Todd. "Tommy and Samantha begin dating, and he discovers
her amnesia makes her attractively oblivious to the hero worship he usually gets." But in typical Sam fashion, the honeymoon doesn't last long. "She suddenly remembers, and it's all she can do to not throw herself at him like a screaming idiot." adds Todd. Taylor had no
trouble preparing for the role. " A lifetime of research went into the part," he jokes to TV Guide. "Naturally, I drew on a lot of my own experience, but then I skewed it." His solo music is also featured. "It was good to get to use material of my own, recordings I made for
release on the internet," he adds. Simon Le Bon must be so jealous.

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