Endurance pays off for Duran Duran

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Endurance pays off for Duran Duran
5:00AM Wednesday March 26, 2008

Duran Duran members start their world tour tonight. Photo / Kenny Rodger
One of the world's most enduring bands, Duran Duran, is in Auckland and ready to win over a new generation of fans.

Simon LeBon, John Taylor, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor will be kicking off their world tour with a one-off show at Vector Arena tonight.

The band has developed a new show that blends some old hits like Girls On Film and Save A Prayer with songs from their new album.

But they were keeping tight-lipped about what they had in store for the concert-goers expected at the show.

"What you try and do is mix in the songs people want to hear - and mix that up with some surprises," LeBon said.

When asked about the fans, Taylor joked they hadn't changed at all since the band first burst on to the international stage. "Oddly enough the fans haven't changed, they're all 16-year-old girls."

LeBon said their music seemed to appeal across the generation gap. "It goes through from kids to people our own ages."

The tour will continue at least until the end of July.

Courtesy NZ Herald