Duran Duran's Roger Taylor who has come from the drum to the decks.

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Duran Duran's Roger Taylor who has come from the drum to the decks.

So Roger, from drumming in one of the biggest bands the music world has ever seen and loved to DJing around the globe these days in super clubs - what made you want to get behind the decks in the first place? Has DJing always been at the back of your mind?

R: "Hi Dan, I've always had an interest dance music and electronic music, right back to the days of the first Chic Corporation 12" records and of course Kraftwerk. So when dance music and DJ culture really took off in the late 80s and early 90s, it was something that I just got into..."

How did you hook up with Jake Roberts, your partner in crime, who, as well his cool production work that people like DJ Sven Vath has drooling, also produced soundscapes for films such as Batman Begins and Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy?

"It was during my 'Hiatus' frum Duran Duran in the 90s when I started working with Jake. We formed a dance orientated band called Freebass and then went on to release a number of Techno / House records under the name 'Funkface'. We kept in touch over the years, and kind of slipped into DJing. Just having fun, mixing our own tracks with other people's music..."

You were spotted on the dancefloors at suchfamous New York clubs' such as 'Danceteria', The Limelight and 'Area' - what were those days like? Who were you partying with?

"Amazing - from what I can remember! Actually I do remember hearing 'New Order's 'Blue Monday' for the first time in 'Danceteria' whilst Madonna danced next to me - an incredible moment, and that record really blew me away and whenever we play it, it still goes down a storm..."

Duran Duran - 70 million records sold, 18 American hit singles and 30 UK Top tunes - how did the band get together in the first place?

"Just through friends, I think we were drawn together by an unstoppable will to succeed..."

And who wore the most make up?

"I think I'll let you decide that one..."

How would you describe your DJing style today?

"Our roots lie in house and electro, but what makes a great record are a great bass line and drum. I think they are the most two most important things, but I do like vocals and melody."

What other DJs do you rate out in clubland?

"I love what Justice has been doing over the last couple of years. Close to perfection. Frankie Knuckles, Coxy, Sven...just masters..."

So you once wanted to be a goalkeeper for Aston Villa, do you still follow 'The Villains'?

"Of course, one of the first things I will do when I return home is go and see the boys..."

What record that you created with Duran Duran has made you the proudest? Album and Single please...

"'Rio' and ' 'Nite-runner'...

Who took the most girls back to the hotel back in the day?

"Ha ha - that would be telling..."

Blingest party you all went to ever?

"The launch of the Bond movie 'View To A Kill - no expense spared, right in the middle of the boom years, stupendous..."

If your house was on fire, what one record would you grab before jumping out the window?

"Chic's ' Good Times' "

Who has been the most famous person you've met in your illustrious career?

"Princess Diana"

What were the nu-romantic days like, were you hanging out with anyone who went on to become pop stars and what tunes were you grooving to?

"I used to hang out with Boy George before he went on to greater things as an artist and DJ. The great thing about the clubs in those early days was the breadth of the music, the DJs would draw upon any music - you could could hear a David Bowie record next to a Sex Pistols song followed by a rare 12" disco mix just imported from Studio 54. Actually, Nick was a great DJ in these halcyon days, he was an early pioneer of the eclectic style...

What are your memories from Live Aid?

"Not great, it was really the end of Duran Duran... we were all going in different directions..."

You've toured the world a hundred times over, what countries do you still get excited about returning to?

"Italy is great. We seem to be like like The Rolling Stones to the Italian public..."

Who are the craziest fans out there?

"Argentina - in a great way"

If you could remix any record that's ever been made, what would you choose?

"Tough, but I would ove to get my hands on some of the original Jim Morrison 'Doors' vocals..."

I am sure I threw some shapes at Pacha in Ibiza this summer whilst you were DJing, what was that like for you and how do you think the island has changed over the years?

"I think I threw some shapes too! Yes amazing, it was so great to be able to DJ in one of the great Meccas of fance music and be accepted and received so well. The island has changed a lot, but the great thing is that Ibiza still lives and breathes dance culture, whether you are in San Antonio or in a fashionable beach club like Blue Marlin. It's all about the music..."

So your residency at infamous members club The Met Bar and Cuckoo Club - must have seen some crazy stuff going on there?

"It's all tucked well and truly under my hat!"

So you were in the studio not so long ago working with Timbaland and Justin Timberlake, what were those dudes like?

"Very cool guys, they came to the table with a lot of repect for our history as a band."

So how's it going with the band at the moment, what are the plans?
"New material for next year and then just get going again."

When you gonna stop?

"When we are fit to drop."

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