Duran Duran Team Up With Mark Ronson

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Duran Duran Team Up With Mark Ronson

By Sky News SkyNews - Wednesday, June 25 09:15 am

They've sold over 70 million records in all corners of the world - but one '80s band are about to become far more cutting-edge.

Duran Duran are the latest outfit to hook up with producer-of-the-moment Mark Ronson.

"They are one of my favourite bands, period," he says.

"The level to which they combined melody, groove, sonic and style has yet to be outdone."

So as a result, Ronson, who helped launch Amy Winehouse's career, is teaming up with the band for a special show at La Cigale in Paris on 2 July.

"Mark's kind of done like a megamix of some of the new stuff and a lot of the old stuff and kind of mashed it up together almost like a DJ set," says drummer Roger Taylor in the band's west London rehearsal room, where they're practising for the show.

The band will play his remixes live and frontman Simon LeBon says what Ronson's done with their songs is "just genius".

He says: "It's definitely put new life into the music. We're approaching songs in a different way."

Ronson's been working with all four original members of Duran Duran (LeBon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor) on the new project.

"We've just got to work out how to play it now," jokes Roger.

:: Duran Duran also play four UK dates in July.

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