Duran Duran scores a 10

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Duran Duran scores a 10

Unforgettable: The concert from the british band last sunday at Festival Imperial, confirmed their idols status.

For those who assisted on sunday night to La Guacima, the closing of Festival Imperial had an outstanding closing: Duran Duran.

Simon Le Bon & Co. did whatever they wanted with the audience: got applauses, jumps, chorus and even tears from them.

At 10.55 pm as the chords from 'Sunrise' made surface a round of screams and applauses, that in one voice confirmed the british guys as the most waited
from the fest line up, on a night where pop music had the leading role.

La Guacima was heating up even more, after the succesful shows from Seal and Enrique Iglesias, so by the time as Hungry Like The Wolf was performed by Le Bon, the hunger for DD music had no measure.

Evidently, the band know its business and their show are ready to be enjoyed. Simon shine up and showed that his style is intact as time passes by.

A good portion of the attendees showed to being loyal followers of this legendary band and other, the lesser, at least have ever heard one of their main hits. As with each song, it was enough only a few seconds as a multitudinary chorus sang the lines from Come Undone, A View To A Kill , Girls On Film , Planet Earth or Notorious.

On the stage were also performed some songs from the most recent album from the english quartet. Songs such as Red Carpet Massacre , Skin Divers and Falling Down showed a big influence from the characteristic style from Justin Timberlake and Timbaland (producers of some tracks of the album).

There were moments in the show were the emotion of the attendees speed up.

The Reflex explode the madness. The sudden jumps and choreographies with open arms were the characteristic of a moving sea of people that still couldnt dig up that their idols were offering an unforgettable show.

Around 12.10 pm there was still more DD to be delivered. After an extended version of Girls On Film, Le Bon took his time to present the band. One by one, the members of the band greeted the audience.

The singer also got to express to the audience that they should be very proud of living on a country without army and then dedicated to them one of the most waited songs of the night: Ordinary World.

The audience hugged each others, other registered the moment filming with their cells and others, touch by the moving ballad, even cried.

With Notorious and Wild Boys, the band from Birmingham (UK) ended their set. Well, at least that was it seemed after the stage lights went out, with Le Bon thanking the audience with some spanish words.

Still hypnotized by the moment, only a few moved from their spots to leave the venue, while others were asking for an encore.

And it was. The band returned with Simon Le Bon dressed with Costa Rica's flag, a gesture that crowned his superb presentation.

Rio was the answer for the La Guacima claim to confirm that this 30 year old career from DD, made honor to their name and keep fresh with the pass of time.

Courtesy Nacion newspaper (Costa Rica): 22/4/08