Duran Duran just get better

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Duran Duran just get better

Wild Boys never lose it and legendary Brummie band Duran Duran brought the house down in a triumphant homecoming show.

They may be approaching middle-age – frontman Simon Le Bon is just one year shy of 50 – but for two hours last night these pop legends showed they have still got it, and if anything, they’ve improved with age.

At last night’s NIA they turned back the clock to the 80s and put on the sort of show that would leave younger rivals in the shade.

Now a four-piece following Andy Taylor’s departure, it was the classic Duran Duran line-up with Le Bon joined by bassist John Taylor, drummer Roger Taylor and keyboard supremo Nick Rhodes.

And from the moment the band walked onto the Gotham City-like stage their fans were on their feet – and the majority stayed there all night. Duran opened with a trio of impressive tracks from their latest album Red Carpet Massacre and it wasn’t long before they started the trip down memory lane with a host of favourites.

As they belted out Planet Earth and Save A Prayer, they transformed 40something mothers back into teenagers, as they screamed, cheered and sang along to the classic tracks which made them such superstars.

Like fine wine, Duran Duran have improved with age.

And thousands and thousands of Duranies, who were once teenyboppers and now 30 and 40somethings, can’t be wrong as they went wild from start to finish.

Courtesy Express & Star