Duran Duran 'excited' to be in Malta

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The ever popular band Duran Duran arrived in Malta this afternoon for their first ever concert in Malta on Saturday.

The members of the group - the original line-up of Simon Le Bon, John Taylor, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor - were given an enthusiastic welcome by a small roup of fans and paused to sign autographs.

The ‘boys’ said they were excited to be performing in Malta for the first time, seeing it as a fitting follow-up to their successful concerts in Italy. Their last concert, in Calabria, drew 50,000. While in Malta they also intend to take a short break.

The concert, at the Luxol Grounds, forms part of the band’s successful Red Carpet Massacre tour

Ira Losco and Tony Moore will provide the backing acts.

Duran Duran have been brought to Malta by NnG Promotions Ltd.


Courtesy Times of Malta