Duran Duran embraces casual gaming

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Proving that you’re never too old to get into online gaming, ‘80s pop favourites Duran Duran have teamed up with industry newcomer Popjax to unleash three new web-based casual games as the band steps up its online marketing efforts.

The games will include the likes of quizzes based on concert footage and personal information about the band members, and will even offer prizes such as autographed guitars and memorabilia.
“PopJax games are a very innovative and entertaining new way for us to interact with our fans around the world," Duran Duran front man Simon LeBon stated.

“As a band, we are always looking for different ways to expose our music and to give something back to our fans. When we started out, MTV provided that opportunity. Now it's about the internet and how we communicate with our fans-new and long-standing, online, in a totally different way.”
Popjax CEO Doug Barry added: “We're stoked to be working with Duran Duran. I think the even bigger opportunity to recognise is that we've created a new vehicle for artists and musicians to interact with their fans. And, it's totally viral so their fan base has the potential to grow through players sharing the games with friends.”

Courtesy casualgaming.biz