Duran Duran bring on their biggest hits at the beginning of their Latin American trek

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Duran Duran bring on their biggest hits at the beginning of their Latin American trek

On Nov. 9th they will play at Arena Santiago, in Chile.

British band Duran Duran, a rock icon from the 80's, kicked-off in Lima the South American leg of their RCM World Tour Explanada del Estadio Monumental.

The presentation of the band, that has sold 70 million albums in their 30 year old career, drew a 5,000 people audience whom danced the hits that made them famous in their golden years at MTV.

Nearing a 2 hour show, the band formed by Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor, performed their most well-known songs such as"Rio", "Hungry Like the Wolf", "Notorious", "Save a Prayer", "A View to a Kill", "Reflex", "Come Undone", "Wild Boys" and "Girls on Film".

"Buenas tardes, Lima, buenas tardes, Perú, ¿están bien?", Le Bon said to the audience in a correctly Spanish at the start of the show.

The singer also said that it took alot of time to visit Peru, a country that he qualified as wonderful, as John Taylor added to ask everybody if they still loved them. Awesome, replied back after hearing a louder YES.

Duran Duran also presented in concert some songs from their new album , "Red Carpet Massacre", so their fans sang long with tracks such "Falling Down" and the single that gives the name to the album and tour that brought them to South America.

They dedicated one of their songs to Democratic candidate Barack Obama, whom by that time of the night, was very looking promising to be the chosen US president, which was confirmed a moment later.

The band arrived to Lima last Saturday and dedicated the days off to make some tourism at the Peruvian capital city, visiting the historic downtown and some pre-Inca sights.

The quartet, whom made a style of their own in the 80s, decided to start their South American trek as their drummer, Roger Taylor, is married to a peruvian gal and has a very special taste for the Andean instruments, as the Afro-Peruvian rhythms.

"I could imagine Roger playing a Peruvian flute, an instrument I've found fascinating' said the vocalist to the local press in the previous days to their show.

Although they got known due their designer-dresses and well-produced hairdo, now the band shows a simplicity that maturity brings and the fancy dresses have their place taken over by a black uniform with red letters for the 4 musicians.

The band will dedicate all November to Latin America, an audience that sees them live for the first time in their whole career.

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