Duran Duran at the Wellmont Theatre – an electrifying evening in Montclair

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Duran Duran at the Wellmont Theatre - an electrifying evening in Montclair

Duran Duran, the timeless name in music history, treated their fans to an electrifying evening at the newly refurbished Wellmont Theatre in Montclair, New Jersey, the last stop on their 2008 North American tour.

The band's combination of material from their latest album, ‘Red Carpet Massacre', mixed with the classic favorites was topped off with their stunning light effects, appealing stage presence and tremendous individual and collective talents. The undying excitement and enthusiasm was contagious and evident throughout the theatre for the entire evening from the moment that the opening talent of the band Our Vegas began warming up the crowd, to the closing moments of Duran Duran's encore final numbers.

‘Red Carpet Massacre' is an album renaissance for the group, which brings forth experimental new sounds blended with what are recognizably and distinctively traditional Duran Duran songs.

Duran Duran aficionados Jennifer Jernstrom Pena and Lisa Pallatroni who attended the show expressed that ‘Red Carpet Massacre' reminded them in many ways of the band's 80's hit album ‘Seven and the Ragged Tiger' with its similar exhilarating feel. This was the first concert for Pena and Pallatroni who had planned to attend a show in their teens at Madison Square Garden, but the adventure was nixed for each of them by their parents.

Like Pena and Pallatroni, the bulk of the crowd was in the thirty and up age group, many having been devoted followers of the band since adolescence, now some of them accompanied to the show by their own children.

Duran Duran in turn feels grateful for their loyal fans. ‘We couldn't do this without you,' John Taylor shared with the fervent crowd towards the end of the show.

The band's special connection to their fan base is chronicled in their newest book, ‘would someone please explain? THE BEST OF DURAN DURAN'S ASK KATY.' Ask Katy is a section of the band's website which fields questions to the band, and is managed by Katy Krassner. Krassner who hails from the Long Island and New York City areas is employed by the band as their liaison to handle these inquiries. In her book, Krassner furnishes the answers to the array of questions that have been asked of the band by Duran Duran Fans over the years.

The book is available for purchase on Duran Duran's website: www.crewe-issue.co.uk/duranduran_store/indexc.html .

To view Duran Duran's website click: www.duranduran.com .

To view the lineup of upcoming shows at Montclair's Wellmont Theatre click: www.wellmonttheatre.com/ .

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