Duran Duran and Tokyo RAW Nights

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Duran Duran will be the guest curator for Episode 02 of Tokyo RAW Nights on April 15. Joined by some of the best talent in Tokyo, enjoy as Duran Duran bring along the Red Carpet Massacre to G-Star Raw Nights. With a strong global following, DURAN DURAN is one of pop music’s most remarkable bands: Fusing pop, art and fashion, DURAN DURAN combines energetic confidence and unique style to spice up your RAW Nights. Don’t miss Roger Taylor playing a guest DJ set!

Tokyo RAW Nights take place at exclusive nightclub Le Baron de Paris. Once a month, denim specialist G-Star RAW challenges artists from different scenes to interact with you in a direct and informal way. Driven by forbidden combinations, G-Star’s pure, original and unexpected characteristics will be the thread for the selection of special guests, curators, DJ’s, bands & artists. An eclectic mix of thrilling RAW nights memories will be the reward for your curiosity. Make sure you get in early …

For more information click here - Le Baron de Paris